Saturday, January 25, 2014

January: can you feel the love?

As a presidency, one of our highest priorities is that the children in the Belmont 1st Primary feel known and loved by their teachers. Children, especially the youngest members of our Primary, probably take in more by the examples of kindness, patience and generosity that you model for them weekly than they do from the manual or sharing time lessons.

President Uchtdorf, on loving those you teach:

Sing it, President Uchtdorf.  That man tells it like it is!

Over the next few weeks, I encourage you to do two things: get to know each child in your class, and remember them in your prayers.

If you work to build relationships with the children, while at the same time opening your heart to the promptings of the spirit, truly amazing things can happen!

Thank you for all you do each week!

Some Getting to Know You Games:
Gummy Bear Game
My name is icebreaker
Stand up, Sit down

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Please be sensitive to the privacy of the children in your class. We ask that you do not mention names of children or details that would identify a specific child or children in our Primary.