Saturday, March 22, 2014

Check it out

The Church has produced some really high quality and very moving videos.  Some are based on stories from Church leaders, others are on a topic relevant to young people.  My kids love watching these, and I bet many Primary classes would enjoy them as well.  

Here are a few, below.  Enjoy!



  1. We watched he mother's love one twice in a row, because the first time, my 5-year-old was to anxious to enjoy it!

  2. Thanks for the heads' up! Boy, I would love it if Thad someday could be an animator for something like this. Wouldn't that be COOL.

  3. These make for great FHE lessons too! We loved the mothers love one.

  4. We loved the "Coat" video. The music and expressions were so tender. My daughter exclaimed "this is a very compassionate video!"

  5. I know I'm late commenting-- but funny story about a Mothers Hope. We'd watched a different Mormon messages video and Will reaccounted with great detail that video. It was really sweet!


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