Saturday, March 22, 2014

February and March: what to expect when you're expecting (to teach your Primary class)

Knowing what behavior is developmentally appropriate and how much, for example reverence, you can expect from a 5 year old can be tricky.  This is especially true when you aren't a parent yourself, or you're teaching an age group you haven't parented yet (or haven't in the past 15 years!). The Church has some good resources to help understand what kids are like at different ages in terms of attention span, impulse control, etc.  Check out the links below.

Here's a lovely video from Sunday School General Board member Ann Madsen about the impact teachers can have on the children they teach:

Thank you for all the effort, dedication and love you bring to your classes each week!



Age Characteristics of Children
Managing Classroom Behavior


  1. Loved the "Coat" story. The music and facial expressions told the story very well. I had tears in my eyes. My daughter exclaimed, "this is a very compassionate story!"

  2. I love this video. So inspiring!


Please be sensitive to the privacy of the children in your class. We ask that you do not mention names of children or details that would identify a specific child or children in our Primary.